What's kemono square?


Thank you very much for taking a look at the Kemono Square website,
I will leave a brief introduction of Kemono Square for those whom reside outside of Japan.
The organizer of the event is myself, K-LINE’s representative EIXIN. Shizuoka was the place where I was born. I had a strong desire to hold a fursuit event near the venue that was close to my family home in 2012.
Kemono Square is a one day event held every year in early June. The venue is at the Grandship of Shizuoka. Unlike other events where you stay at a hotel, this is held at the convention center.
There is a hotel nearby the venue, and you can change into your fursuit by using our private dressing room inside the venue. The website will give you a guide on how to get to the hotels near the venue, whether it is a small walk or taking a JR train.
Kemono Square is usually aimed for Japanese whom are beginners in fursuiting, and unfortunately we do not have enough foreign participants to include English support. As such, all guidance will be done in Japanese. Please note that we cannot offer a quick response to inquiries in English at our official site. 
Last year there were a great number of inquiries from foreigners. In fact, we’ve had a number of foreign participants come to the event. As much as I would like to appeal to foreigners to come to the event, I cannot increase it to scale where it is necessary to support foreigners completely. While it is regrettable, I hope this is understandable.
However, I urge you to participate! I would love to have foreigners whom are willing to come to the event. We will await for your arrival at Shizuoka.